Getting started

Anyone can access the NLIS Public Portal at the following site:

Further information is available at the toll free number: 0800 100 004.

All users can access information on the following items:

  • Information on available land transactions at the MZOs
  • Locations of the MZOs
  • Links to websites to download relevant forms
  • Description of the NLIS

Registered Users

On the NLIS Public Portal only registered users will have access to the searches under the service menu.

To register you must submit the following:

  • Full name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address

This will be done using the button on the top right of the webpage.

Once registered the user will have an account that can be credited with money paid for online search fees. Payments will be collected by Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and can be made at all URA sites and channels.

pdf iconHow to pay fees online to URA

You will be given a payment receipt number from URA. You will then access the NLIS Public Portal and go to the Account Menu. On this page you will submit the following:

  • URA payment receipt number
  • Photograph or scanned copy of the payment receipt

Once the receipt is verified by MLHUD, credit will be given on the registered users account and can be used thereafter. The verification of receipts will be performed from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

The users account will be debited as searches are performed according to the following costs.

Transaction Search
UGX 10,000
Parcel Search
UGX 10,000
Title Search
UGX 10,000

Transaction Search

When initiating a land transaction at a Ministry Zonal Office (MZO), you will be issued with a Transaction Number. To conduct a Transaction Search you must enter the Transaction Number into the NLIS Public Portal. You will then be able to see the current status of your transaction.

Parcel Search

To conduct a Parcel Search you must enter the details of the unit including the county or municipality or the town council where it is located. You will enter the block number or the road name and finally you will give the plot number to locate the parcel you are searching for.
You will then be able to see the boundaries of the unit and the location on the map of Uganda; the area of the unit; the district, county, sub-county, municipality/town council, block number or road name, and plot number. The identification of your parcel on the NLIS Public Portal will ensure that it is recorded within the NLIS.

Title Search

To conduct a Title Search, you must enter the details of the title including the volume and folio numbers for leasehold and freehold titles or the county, block and plot numbers for mailo or native freehold titles.

You will then be provided with a description of the property, the names and information on the owners or proprietors, the dates when interests were registered and the related instrument numbers of these registrations on the title.
You will also be provided with information on any active encumbrances that exist on the title for instance mortgages or caveats. The details of these encumbrances including the registration date, instrument number and additional conditions will also be provided.
The information provided by the NLIS is given pursuant to Section 201 of the Registration Titles Act, (Cap 230). The results provided will be as of the information in the NLIS Public Portal at the moment of the search and in no way replaces the official certification provided by a Search Letter by the MZO.


If you identify any discrepancies in the information you find in the NLIS Public Portal, you can visit the MZO where the property is located to clarify the differences or request correction.